The best part about our Personal Trainers/ Fitness Coaches is that they were all the “client” at one time who reached out for help with their fitness.

A great Personal Trainer/ Fitness Coach will provide a foundation that will allow you to continue to build on your success for life. At Kinetics our Fitness Coaches are the perfect mix of coach, cheerleader, drill sergeant, and fan. We understand to truly get results we have to develop a program that challenges you but is fun at the exact same time. We know that some moments will be uncomfortable but remember that all of our Fitness Coaches were in that same position at one point.

We’d like to think we know more about building habits and creating workouts, skill and strength programs you’ll love than anyone else.

Your goal to becoming a healthier and fitter you starts with your goal setting and fitness assessment session. We start by taking the things you are doing right and we help you build on this momentum.

Most people have great intentions. Where they falter is not in their motivation but in the lack of knowledge of how a fitness program should be designed to maximize their results. Repetition of exercises and use of same equipment over and over again strips us of motivation and we generally quit.

Our programs will change with each session keeping you interested and always wanting to continue to improve. The best part is our Fitness Coaches love coaching and will help you get the results you are seeking. The only thing we need you to do is have the desire to be a healthier you.

If you commit to us we will show you exactly what you can become.


for TEN private sessions Save $165

$65 for ONE private session

$300 for FIVE private sessions Save $25

$1105 for TWENTY private sessions Save $195

for TWENTY private sessions Save $135

$45 for ONE private session

$210 for FIVE private sessions Save $15

$405 for TEN private sessions Save $45

Train with a Friend
for even more savings!

$259 Each for TEN 30-Minute semi-private sessions Save $146 Each*

$399 Each for TEN 60-Minute semi-private sessions Save $186 Each*

*Compared to paying for the same sessions privately