Held in a structured group setting and led by a CrossFit Coach, we provide a high-intensity, full-body workout by combining aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular exercise, high-energy strength training. Each session is 1 hour long and includes a Warm Up (15 Minutes), Strength (20 Minutes), and Workout (5-25 Minutes)

We also incorporate regular specialty classes with extra emphasis on strength training, Olympic lifting, gymnastics and mobility. All our sessions are appropriate for individuals of all fitness levels as everyone works out at their own pace and the coach will help you scale the workout to your ability. The only way to truly experience our concept is to try it out.

All Group CrossFit Kinetics classes are one hour in length and led by a Certified CrossFit Instructor.


There are 3 components to each class:

  • Warm-up
  • Strength or Skill
  • WOD (the ‘Workout Of the Day’)

The length of each class component varies depending on the WOD and which skill or strength work is being done. The trainer at the beginning of each class will inform you how much time you have to complete the warm-up and strength/skill portions before the WOD begins.

Please take time after class to stretch and roll out tight muscles. Foam rolling and mobility exercises help with muscle recovery, flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury.

Expectations for Members

  • Show up on time for class. Each component of class has a time frame and each is important.
  • During class times we follow Kinetics posted programming for the day. Other programming can be done by members outside of class times, usually during Open Gym periods.
  • ASK! If you are unsure of a movement or weight ask a Trainer. Be sure of what you are asking your body to do in order to avoid injury. Ask if unsure!
  • Respect your fellow CrossFitters. We are a diverse group and come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels and we love it!
  • Respect Kinetics and the facility. Strip your bars, return equipment, pick up your water bottle, journal, and clothes once you are finished.
  • The Trainer running the class is in charge. They can at anytime scale down weights and movements or modify a Workout if they feel it necessary for your safety and for you to have an effective workout.
  • Track your progress. Have a CrossFit journal/notebook to track your progress and the weights you use for the various movements involved in the Workouts. By writing things down you’ll be able to monitor your progress and may even hit some PRs (Personal Records) along the way.
  • Children and dogs are usually welcome as long as there is no interference with class. Speak to the Trainer before class begins. You assume responsibility for your 2 or 4-legged guests and it is important that they do not enter the lifting area.
  • BE POSITIVE and try not to be overwhelmed! CrossFitters of all abilities are always learning and refining their technique. The road to better fitness never ends but it should be satisfying and enjoyable. There is lots of help and resources available to make you Fitter, Faster, and Stronger!


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